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The new emuteq G1000 PFD/MFD and Audio Panel..........
18 months in development, Emuteq is pleased to bring you unparalleled realism in flight simulation. 

The emuteq G1000 hardware is closely based on the real world Garmin glass cockpit system.  Designed to work in conjunction with the excellent  Flight1Tech G1000 software
Our hardware interface completes the package.
We have taken care to design the unit as an almost 1:1 scale replica of the original.  Each button has backlight text  to add a very immersive experience, especially during night flying.

Every input is connected, even the map joystick.  As a so called USB HID device, the connection to PC is simple and straight forward with minimum set-up and configuration.

Is the Software included
We only manufacture the hardware.  Software is available to purchase from many developers.  We recommend Flight1Tech for FSX and Prepar3D, and FlyThisSim for X-plane.

What software Is the G1000 compatible with?
The hardware is compatible with the Flight1Tech Garmin G1000 Student Simulator software in combination with their Cockpit Builder Plug-in and Microsoft FSX or Prepar3D. 
For X-Plane users, we recommend the FTS1000 software on offer from FlyThisSim
The software is not included in the price of the hardware and can be purchased directly using the above links to the developers website.
For software, commercial pricing may apply.  Please contact the developers if in doubt.

Is the hardware compatible with other G1000 software?
Due to the flexible design of our hardware, other software choices are available.  The G1000 is seen by Windows as 3 controllers.
PFD / MFD and Audio Panel.  Each is a standard USB HID.  The VGA LCD Displays of the MFD/PFD can be configured in the same way as any multi display solution from within Windows.

Do you have a different pricing policy for your hardware in commercial applications?
No, our hardware is designed to cope with the demands of commercial use.  We believe  in providing a competitive solution to  home users, semi-professional users and commercial integrators alike.
We are more than aware of the intense price pressures faced by professional commercial simulator builders and flight training schools who need such training devices.  Commercial users should contact their chosen software supplier for software pricing policy.

Could the G1000 hardware be configured to work with the standard Microsoft FS G1000?
Although we have not tested this, there is no reason that the unit could not be mapped to work with the standard FS G1000. However, the functionality is nowhere near that of the addons available.  In purchasing this hardware you are very close to realism and therefore we strongly recommend using add-on software.

Do I need a power supply?
Yes, we include a universal mains voltage 12 V DC power supply for the PFD and a link cable to power the MFD.  You only need to purchase USB cables and VGA leads.

Can the unit be mounted in a cockpit panel, what are the exact panel cut-out dimensions?
Yes, there are captivated M3 Nuts in either side of the cases to aid in panel mounting. Recommended panel cut-out dimensions are available on the drawing provided in the download section below.

Can I adjust the backlighting feature?
Yes, the backlighting is fully scaleable to suit your personal taste.  Each button is backlight from within the button to illuminate the text of the button.  This replicates the real thing and produces an extremely immersive effect, especially when night flying.

What is actually simulated with the G1000 hardware?
We believe in producing fully functional hardware.  Every button, knob and encoder is fully simulated and integrated in our electronics, even down to the small map joystick on the right side of PFD/MFD.  The limit is only in the functionality of the software choice.  Our units provide future proofing as developers add further functionality to their G1000 software.

Do I need a seperate driver or interface?
No, The G1000 is a so called HID device, utilising USB connectivity.

Do you hold the emuteq G1000 in stock?
We try to hold all parts in stock to make to order, this keeps our cost base as low as possible. Units will usually ship within 2-3 weeks after payment is recieved.

How long will it take to ship to me?
All shipping is with the big name companies.  We use UPS as standard.

How Do I Map the buttons to the software?
We have done this for you by working closely with Flight1Tech and FlyThisSim.

G1000 Downloads
Download User Instructions
The user guide is a simple to follow guide to get you set-up quickly and easily and explains the integrated functionality of the G1000 Hardware, such as how to adjust the screen and backlighting feature.

Download PDF Drawing
Our drawing gives you full dimensions of the unit to help you with your panel mounting.

Download Flight1Tech F1G1000_Joystickmap.zip
This file is pre-configured with all the mapping done for you, just unzip to the root folder of your Flight1Tech G1000 Student software.
(not required for FlyThisSim)

+ £30 shipping



  • USB plug and Play interface, easy installation.
  • Twin 10.4"  VGA display.
  • Adjustable back light button Text.
  • 12V DC Power supply included.
  • Optional panel frame.
  • Anodised aluminium enclosure.
  • CNC machined black anodised front panel.
  • Laser engraved.
  • Microsoft FSX  compatible
  • X-Plane compatible
  • Lockheed Martin P3D